Become a leader in the design + creative industry by becoming an LA Co. owner! We pride ourselves on being the first “Sip and Create” company to offer a wide variety of workshops, as well as membership packages for consumers and small business owners alike. Our memberships provide a sense of belonging and create a safe place for small business owners and consumers to step into their creative gifts. We strive to be the cutting-edge brand in the “Sip and Create” industry and we would love for you to be a part of this future!

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Meet Jenny Reeger, the designer behind The Local Artists Co.® Jenny’s love of modern calligraphy began in 2008 when she began working for a Lubbock-based professional artist; her love of graphic design began in 2013 when she was working as Director of Communications for a nonprofit company. In December 2015, she decided to combine her design skills and open an Etsy shop with hand-lettered goods and stationery. The following year, she collaborated with a local winery to teach a calligraphy workshop and the first workshop sold out. Word-spread and she found herself with a full-time business of teaching calligraphy workshops + selling goods! She started traveling to teach her workshops and in 2018, she decided to open a storefront in Lubbock, Texas for her workshops and high-quality goods. Many locals started asking to host baby showers, wedding parties and to use the space to teach their own workshops; because of the requests, the Local Artists Co. was born! She not only wanted to teach workshops of her own, but to provide a space that empowers other creatives + small businesses to get creative! She is passionate about spreading creativity, encouraging others to step into their creative skills and make memories with those we love + serve.

The total initial investment necessary to open an LA Co. Shop begins at $40,000.

  • Initial franchise fee of $15,000

  • Grand Opening allocation $2,000 – $5,000

  • Build out

  • Signage

  • Equipment

  • Initial inventory

  • Working capital

  • The range varies depending on construction cost and level of working capital injected.

  • There is an ongoing 3% royalty and 1% brand fund

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How much capital do you currently have to invest in your LA Co. Design Boutique?

Thank you for applying to be an LA Co. business owner! We are passionate about helping you succeed every step of the way and look forward to talking with you soon! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email us at: franchise@thelocalartists.com